Rail freighting.
Many directions.
Limitless possibilities.

No cargo loading is too difficult thanks to the FRIED-SPED GROUP railway siding at its Ummendorf headquarters. We ship oversized or heavy freight using special-purpose wagons and container transport to any and all railway stations, including in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), on a daily basis. Our freight transportation system also includes operational monitoring, even once the goods have crossed national borders.

Be it by road or by rail - the FRIED-SPED GROUP’s technical infrastructure, flexible approach and industry know-how means we can provide you with a wide variety of transport solutions.

Our brainwave.
From road to rail.
Repeat in reverse.

A new generation of heavy trailers.

We are particularly proud of this transportation design, which was purpose-built according to our specifications. By taking a load off the road and the environment, we have been able to take a key step into the future. Our new heavy trailer design brings the railway to the freight, by allowing even companies without a proprietary railway siding the option of direct rail loading.

Rail transportation has many advantages over other types of shipping for both customers and the environment, but only if the customer has easy access to a railway siding. We started thinking about how we could make rail transportation available to more customers. Our solution was a new type of heavy trailer that can load and transport an entire goods wagon.

In practice, this means that the railway wagon can be brought to the customer and be loaded and unloaded on-site, after which it is simply transported to our railway siding and set on the tracks, ready for transport.