About us

Our aim is providing you with the logistics solution that best meet your requirements.

Don’t be satisfied with less.

The FRIED-SPED GROUP’s success and outstanding company spirit is rooted in our expertise and dedication to optimizing transportation and logistics processes.

We seek to advance the sector as a whole with novel concepts for the transportation and logistics of tomorrow. Our reliable service, innovative ideas and new technologies give our customers the breathing room to take on new markets, even in far-flung locations. We participate in global freight forwarding networks so that our customers can enjoy maximum flexibility and customized service.

We don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. That to us is the definition of perfect global logistics. Our highly qualified team of over 550 is always on call. Trained in taking responsibility and putting the interests of the customer first, our employees only deliver the best - efficiently and cost-effectively.

Professional, reliable, friendly, FRIED-SPED employees are always on hand to answer any questions about our logistics, delivery times and our service. With a global partnership network, we are also there for our customers around the world.

These advantages make the FRIED-SPED GROUP a reliable and efficient address for your company’s freighting needs - within Europe and beyond.

Our logistics services:

  • National and international land, road, rail and air freight transport
  • Company fleet with specialized vehicles
  • Warehousing
  • Overseas shipping
  • Customs processing
  • International transportation network via partnerships with consolidated cargo carriers